501st Legion Mountain Garrison

Pikes Peak Squad

Isn't it obvious? We are the squad who's name sake is the very mountain to inspire the United States National Anthem. Our squad stretches geographically from Castle Pines (just south of Denver) to the Colorado/New Mexico border. The girth of our members reside in every area of Colorado Springs, not to forget the others in Monument, Pueblo, and Fountain. We meet weekly to build fellowship and cameraderie. We inspire each other to create new projects and see it to fruition. Those serious about joining the Legion will find professional, friendly people, and a wealth of talent and resources. We enjoyed a record high of 5 events in Pueblo for 2008. Our local membership continues to grow at the rate of 2-5 eager troopers a year since the inception of the Legion 10 years ago.

Pikes Peak Squad
Command Staff

Pikes Peak Squad Leader
John Erickson

ID# 8851
Pikes Peak Squad

Pikes Peak Squad XO
Ben Frahm

ID# 5908
Pikes Peak Squad

Pikes Peak Squad Members
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