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  2. Fisher905

    CSU Sci-Fi Concert 5/22/22

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  4. Fisher905

    FCBD At the Nerd Store 5/7/22

  5. Fisher905


    It was embarrassing 😳. I got caught playing with my light saber in class 😔
  6. Rogue Kenobi


    @Fisher905 Looks like you are being sent to the principal
  7. Was great to meet everyone and look forward to trooping with you guys again! Hopefully with a belt this time. (Already cleaned and repacked to make sure it's there.)
  8. @Stephen Ross @iceknyght and I had a fun day at the toy drive! The comic shop is really cool with some interesting oddities. One of the local droid builders (Kevin I think?) brought his R2! We also decided to start a rock band. Sean
  9. iceknyght

    Hopewalk, Oct 9, 2021

    Photos from the Hope Kids Hopewalk, 2021
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