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  • 1997

    The 501st Legion is started by Albin Johnson and his Friend Tom Cruise after attending a Star Wars Special Edition screening in stormtrooper armor, at this time the Legion is known as the 501st Squad. The group starts as just a list of member on a website.


    April 1999

    Star Wars Celebration 1 is held in Denver Colorado, a few member of the 501st attend in armor, only one member from Colorado is present

    September 1999

    Some stormtroopers(TK999, TK5280 and TK187) meet at Star Con and formalize a new group called the 10th Mountain Division. A logo is created, but no patch is ever produced.


    With a growing number of member across Colorado two squads are formed a Northern and Southern Squad. These squads would later be named Poudre Valley Squad and Pikes Peak Squad
    Reference PPS Name
    Reference PVS Logo

    August 2001

    After a meeting is held at DragonCon by high level member of the 501st and Garrison Commanders. Legion units are defined and better organized.

    The name 10th Mountain Division is dropped, and the name Mountain Garrison is used.

    Garrison Boundaries are also defined. The Mountain Garrison currently had Colorado but is taking Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Eventually Alpine Garrison( then known as the 725th Strategic Insertion Company) takes Utah and eventually Idaho and Montana. Dune Sea Garrison is formed and takes Arizona, it was thought Dune Sea might take New Mexico but it is left with the Mountain Garrison.
    Reference - DC Meeting
    Refference - Garrison Boundires

    Nov 2001

    Then Mountain Garrison member Joyce TB9449 creates the 501st Membership database, Joyce has since transfered to the Alaska Garrison


    January 2002

    Designed by TK 4752
    With the new name a logo contest is held and a new logo is chosen,


    August 23, 2003

    designed by TK 193
    The Garrison adds a 3rd Squad - the Mile High Squad covers the Denver area


    The Xwing
    An 3/4 scale X-Wing made by Lucasfilm for promotion of the 1997 Special Edition Release of the Star Wars Trilogy was brought to Celebration 1 in Denver, CO.

    The X-wing was left at Wings Over the Rockys after the convention.

    In 2004 the x-wing was reused by Lucasfilm in San Diago Comic Con, when the X-wing returned it was damaged. Members of the Mountain Garrison, Mountain Base and Rocky Mountain FanForce volunteered to restore the 3/4 Scale Xwing.

    The X-wing is still on exhibit at Wings Over the Rockys.
    X-wing Project Page

    July, 2004

    design by TK 6486
    The Poudre Valley Squad is renamed after new members from Wyoming join.
    The Squad originally chooses the name Rocky Mountain Squad. But after realizing the Rockys stretch from Canada to Mexico choose another name.
    The squad goes with Snowy Range Squadron. Which is later revised to just Snowy Range Squad.

    Sept, 2005

    design by TD 5151
    The Mountain Garrison adds a 4th Squad. The Dewback Ridge Squad will cover the quickly growing state of New Mexico

    Sept, 2006

    design by TI 3319
    Mile High Squad Changes its logo, the logo is designed literally by committee with the design being broken up in to 3 sections and each section being voted on.

    August 2007

    The Mountain Garrison is invited on stage with "Weird Al" Yankovic
    Gallery, Gallery 2

    Sept, 2008

    design by TK 788
    Dewback Ridge Logo is changed

    October 18th 2009

    Star Wars In Concert

    The official Star Wars in Concert is held at the Pepsi Center and members of the Mountain Garrison along with its sister group the Mountain Base attend in costume


    May 2010

    Design by TK 5794
    Mile High Squad changes its logo


    Sept, 2010

    The Dewback Ridge Squad is now reformed as the Dewback Ridge Garrison.


    August 2011

    Design by CC 8913
    Pikes Peak Squad changes its logo

    Jan, 2012

    The garrison starts its own series of trading cards
    Each Squad in the Garrison has a different rock type for their border based on regional geology.
    Pike's Peak Squad naturally uses Pike's Peak Granite.
    Mile High Squad uses rhyolite, which is a type of local stone used in constructing many of the early historic landmark buildings in Denver.
    Snowy Range Squad uses the world famous Lyons Formation sandstone which is locally quarried out of NorCo and distributed all over the planet.

    The trading cards were designed by Brack Lee TK 5453

    August 2014

    The Mountain Garrison is invited to their first Star Wars night with the Colorado Rockies
    Reference MLB.com Gallery

    September 2014

    Design by TK 41977
    Pikes Peak Squad changes its logo

    March 2015

    The Mountain Garrison is invited to their first Star Wars night with the Colorado Avalanche

    December 2015

    The Mountain Garrison is invited to their first Star Wars night with the Denver Nuggets
    Reference NBA.com

    December 2019

    Lucasfilm invites The 501st and Rebel Legion to the Priemre of Rise of Skywalker, a representative of all 50 states will be present SL 432 Josh Larsen and ID 14863 Paul A Trebilcox-Ruiz are selected to represent Wyoming and Colorado. Adam C Ward TA 21455 also represnts the Mountain Base as a X-wing pilot.

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