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  1. so we are sitting at 12 sets. anyone want to do multiples? push your squads to see if we can drum up another 13.. we can also do a garrison card.. its a thought. maybe squad cards? any other ideas?
  2. the card is set up as a kind of "frame" the only things that will change are the personal information, squad logos, and photos. The "frames" will be sent to each squad. each squad will designate a person with the proper skills to assemble their squads cards with the proper information and photos. the assembled cards will be forwarded to me to place the order when all cards are completed and payment is received. Having each squad do their own cards will help with the process of allowing each person to view the progress and make changes as needed with the person assembling the cards.. in person if needed, better than over a forum. this will also speed up the process in my opinion... however, that is yet untested.
  3. well we have 11 according to my count as of today.. that means we need 14 more orders. Thats not additional people, thats total orders to equal 25. So if a person orders 2 sets thats 2 orders. If a person places an order for 2 sets, their name will be on the list 2 times.
  4. Posting Card design front and back.. this is my card as it sits now.
  5. actually I just realized that Bret is on leave for the time being.. sorry about that. Ill get them up tonight.
  6. no prob Kev. Bret will have them up shortly... whoever gets to it first. :duim:
  7. party pooper :sith: i have my card pretty much complete.. minus a small detail or 2. Ill post it when i get home. Forgot to bring the file with me to work.
  8. original post updated today. If we want the discount we all have to get either 1000 or 2000. there can be no half and half, or 1 and 24. Its $25 more to get 2000 than 1000. Thats why i chose to keep 2000, for those that want more, so they dont have to spend twice the money.
  9. we have MG trading card designs done, psd files set, logos inserted.. and we have the printer all set.. the price is $135 for 2000 cards. We need 25 confirmed set orders (minimum) and we will get this rolling There is no discount for multiple sets, as we are already getting a discount for the initial sets. Ill post the front and back "frame" designs when i get home so you know what information and photo requirements you will need for each card. Each squad will be responsible for putting their cards together. I will email or send a CD with the PDF, fonts, etc. to the designated person in each squad for building the cards. Then we will combine the cards to send one order to the printer. This should make things go more smoothly, and you can have a local place to oversee your card creation, make any changes, and approve your final card. Ill start a list:: 1.Erik Ross TX-2427 2. Matt M -4120 3. Scott M TK-4149 4. DRS 5. Bret Proud -3319 6. LunarYoma TK-9980 7. John -8851 8. Wes Barry -0035 9. Joe Linden TK-5919 10. Chris -9033 11. Jenn -7433 12. Brent -6222

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